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A time to kick back...
An opportunity to give back...

In 2006, Don Montgomery (Monty), a Canadian school teacher, laced up his hiking boots for a backpacking adventure in Nicaragua.

Trekking along the country’s northern Pacific Coast, he fell in love with the friendly people and the area’s untouched natural beauty. When he reached the village of Jiquilillo, he knew he had found his second home. His dream was to create a place where travellers could surf the waves, enjoy simple beach life, explore the beaches and the amazing estuary, while bringing the benefits of small­scale tourism directly to the people of Jiquilillo.

Together with his partner, Gerry Caseres, that dream came true when they built Monty’s Beach Lodge. It offers a great tropical holiday and unique opportunities for guests to connect with local families.

Learn more about the impact we've had, thanks to our guests and visitors.

Then and Now...

About Jiquilillo

Jiquilillo is a remote fishing village that provides a snapshot of authentic Nicaraguan life. Most local families live in small ranchos (palm roof huts) ‒ the typical Nicaraguan home of this region. 

The village is a perfect example of how Nicaraguan families provide for themselves using the limited resources available to them. Village life is quiet and laid back. The people are warm, friendly and welcoming. 

Foreign visitors are a novelty here. If you speak any Spanish (and even if you don’t) whenever you visit the beach or pulperia (shop), chances are someone will chat to you. You may even be invited to join them fishing! 

If you are able to learn some common Spanish words your experience will be enriched. Jiquilillo has no services beyond a few tiny pulperias selling sodas, snacks, cigarettes, beer, rum and essentials like soap. 

Most food is bought from markets in Chinandega and brought into the village. At Monty’s you will have great food, including fresh local seafood caught in Jiquilillo. If you have any special requests, regular trips to Chinandega will ensure your needs are met.

Your hosts:

Don “Monty” Montgomery, Co-owner, Monty’s Beach Lodge

Monty lives in Parksville, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

Travel and learning about other cultures has always been important to Monty. As a high school rugby coach on Canada’s west coast, Monty took his teams across Canada and abroad to England, Wales and South Africa, combining friendly competition with cultural education. After teaching and coaching for fifteen years, he launched “Monty’s Beach Lodge” on Nicaragua’s Pacific Coast in 2007.

A key component of his business model was giving back to the local communities of Jiquilillo, Padre Ramos and Los Zorros, Immersing himself in the local culture, Monty sought out to learn about the challenges, hopes and dreams of these communities in order to develop projects and initiatives designed to help alleviate poverty. Using his beach lodge to generate funds for local educational development, Monty has seen promising results. Building on that momentum, he’s engaging his children with the local community, to give them a sense of gratitude and giving back. His children visit the camp frequently, often helping out with school programs and engaging with the local children. With such strong support from family and guests, Monty is excited about the future of these communities, and grateful for the opportunity to continue to meet fellow travelers and work with locals.

Gerry Caceres, Co-owner, Monty’s Beach Lodge

Gerry lives in Jiquilillo, Nicaragua


Gerry manages daily operations at Monty’s and leads the development of humanitarian and environmental projects in the community of Jiquililo and surrounding villages. He is the President of the Environmental Protection Committee for Northern Nicaragua, a National Board of Fire Chiefs member, and a past advisor to the President of Nicaragua. Gerry studied business in the United States and has been a successful entrepreneur in the automotive, finance and hospitality industries. He was born and raised in Chinandega and fully understands the pressing needs and challenges that local families face, as well as the opportunities for growth. Many of these families hold Gerry dear to their hearts, crediting him as the architect of positive, life-changing experiences. He is a passionate host who provides Monty’s guests and volunteers with authentic, engaging and unforgettable experiences.