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Activities and Projects

Activities and Projects


We are very proud to be able to serve the communities surrounding our Beach Lodge and Surf Camp. Currently our projects are focused on Jiquillio, Chinandega and the communities in between. Working with local leaders, partners Monty and Gerry work hard to create projects which serve the community in health, sports, education and ongoing sustainability. We believe we are all connected and if we can serve others, we also feel served. Their joy is our joy.
We have volunteer activities and specific projects that are constantly changing as needs in the community surface. If you are interested in helping or have a specialized skill, let us know. You can help while vacationing at Monty's or contribute from afar.

It is wonderful that you are willing to serve the community in Nicaragua and help us with our Humanitarian Efforts which Monty's is involved. The following is a list of ongoing as well as specific projects you can contribute to: 
    •    Los Zorros School:
Visit the local school, give out school supplies, and help with a lesson at the school or simply be a teacher’s helper in the classroom and learn some Spanish! Any teaching expertise would be greatly appreciated but not necessary. Volunteers can also take the kids for a game of soccer outside too in the playground!

    •    Painting:
We can always do with help “up-keeping” the schools we work with. There is always need to help with painting to protect from the humid ocean salt air!

    •    Sports Activities:
“Pick up” Soccer game on the beach or assist with a surf lesson for the local kids.

    •    Baseball League:
Help with the local baseball teams we have sponsored. This includes the four team junior league we sponsor and the Jiquilillo Men's team! Come support and cheer on the teams on Sundays!

    •    Health Clinic:
After many months of fundraising and incredible volunteer efforts we have and amazing facility that oversees the health for the three communities of Los Zorros, Jiquilillo and Padre Ramos. We currently have Nicaraguan nurses organizing and running the place. They see approximately 40 locals per day. We invite families, individuals, and groups who would like a vacation while putting in some volunteer hours in the clinic. Any medical/dental expertise would be greatly appreciated. We would also greatly appreciate any medicines that could be brought and donated to contribute to the facility.  The clinic is just a hundred yards from the surf lodge! Our final infrastructure addition to this building is a dental room that we hope to complete by March, 2012. So any dentists or dental assistants would be welcome to volunteer too!

    •    Community Centre:
This amazing structure is built from a container that was shipped from Kamloops, Canada filled with donations!! The idea is to create different areas for travelers to volunteer their time at. This building was donated by SYRV a non profit helping woman and kids.  There is a sewing room, a library, a presentation room and a computer space. This building is beside the medical clinic. So travelers with various backgrounds will be able to spend time working directly with locals of all ages. English Classes are currently being taught here as well as Spanish Literacy.  Donations of computer equipment, sewing supplies, library books (both learning English and Spanish) would be appreciated! The Jiquilillo Women’s cooperative would like to start a beauty school here with informal classes too. We plan to make this the location for a clay oven for the women’s cooperative to use for baking breads, cookies and such.

    •    Sorting and Delivering Donations:
We have two more containers of clothing, shoes, bikes, sports equipment, and dental/medical equipment arriving from Canada in December, 2011. We desperately need help from volunteers who would like to join our volunteer firefighters and staff to deliver to the many families in our communities!
This past November saw The Alberni Valley Baseball Association pitching in with a big donation for kids in the community. Don Montgomery brought donation of bats, balls, gloves, ball shirts, and all sorts of baseball equipment to Nicaragua. See it here

    •    Sponsor a lunch for the school kids at Los Zorros Elementary School ($100).
We are currently feeding 150 kids per day (Mon-Fri). Guests can help prepare and serve the food.

    •    Sponsor a lunch at the “Garbage Dump” in Chinendega ($150).
We will be having a grand opening of the new “Table of the Community” here sponsored by the Conconi Family from Vancouver, BC, Canada. This exciting opening will be in November, 2011. There will be a feeding centre that food is prepared and served from.  Guests can help serve the food as well. As well this amazing new facility will also have a nurses station and community centre. There are many activities here that guests will be able to be involved in.

    •    Sponsor a child with school uniforms for a year ($40).
This is three sets of uniforms (top and bottom).

    •    Build and deliver a water filter for a family ($60).
Meet the family and spend the afternoon getting to know them! We have 600 water systems coming on our next “shipping container” this December. They are the best quality systems we have sourced out and feel very confident of the long term use. See link to system…


    •    Help with a Painting Class at the  Community Centre.
Any painting donations, brushes, paper, paint would be greatly appreciated.

    •    Community Gardens:
We have started a community garden both at our SYRV Community Centre and also at the Los Zorros School. We welcome volunteers to sponsor a community garden for a family or group of families in the community ($100). The cost will help to cover fuel and materials such as added soil, seeds, and a brick border.