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If you are looking for long sandy beaches, with great surf rolling in, a place of the grid where just can relax and enjoy life Monty´s Beach Lodge in Jiquillio, Nicaragua is the place. There is just something a little bit diferent with this paradise, social tourism. The beauty of Jiquillio is breathtaking but it faces some tough social and environmental challenges. And as a successful resort Monty´s have specialized in not only giving back to community but to involve every single guest they have in their social projects.   From simple acts of helpful kindness to critical improvements in sustainable development, there are many opportunities to make a difference in the lives of the people of Jiquilillo.
Guests of Monty’s Beach Lodge are invited to participate in local efforts for a vacation that refreshes both the body and the soul. Simply by staying at Monty’s a portion of your accommodation rate will be directed toward ongoing community projects!

We have alot of projects going on all the time were your hand, heart and help is needed. No need to be a professional or even know spanish, our experienced staff at the spot will get you set in and help you out.

Keep updated with our ongoing projects by following our blog. If you have any questions at all feel free to contact us here at Monty´s.

A Brand New Community Center in Villa Esperanza

MixTape Creative

Villa Esperanza

Within one to two weeks the houses in the new community Villa Esperanza are ready and their owners with family can move in. The most work that is left is the building of the concrete front patios that will give a cooling shade during the hot hours of the day. Then of course painting that will start tomorrow (Wednesday).

One of the new houses soon to be ready with a patio and everything!!

Brand new and fresh, ready to be used y the families of Villa Esperanza..

But already last Friday the new community center was finished! And it´s beautiful. It is big, light, airy and it has fans in the ceiling! All of you who have visited Nicaragua and felt the heat do know how wonderful the wind from a fan can be. It has two big whiteboards and you can easily fit more than 40 people inside. Here we will be able to offer English classes, workshops, events, and so much more!

The light inside and the fans in the ceiing makes it a please to spend time inside!

A Community Centre built to unite the community.

Now there is a place for the community to gather, develop and solve comun problems that may occur. We hope that the community center will encourage a collaboration and engagement among the citizen and create a union feeling, working together instead of facing difficulties alone. A union is often stronger than one single person. We want to give great thanks to ANF, The American Nicaraguan Foundation who funded the Community Center and to the Fundacion Colmena who build it. Thank you for given this opportunity of development to the people of Jiquillio.