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Struggles, yoga and hunting students!


If you are looking for long sandy beaches, with great surf rolling in, a place of the grid where just can relax and enjoy life Monty´s Beach Lodge in Jiquillio, Nicaragua is the place. There is just something a little bit diferent with this paradise, social tourism. The beauty of Jiquillio is breathtaking but it faces some tough social and environmental challenges. And as a successful resort Monty´s have specialized in not only giving back to community but to involve every single guest they have in their social projects.   From simple acts of helpful kindness to critical improvements in sustainable development, there are many opportunities to make a difference in the lives of the people of Jiquilillo.
Guests of Monty’s Beach Lodge are invited to participate in local efforts for a vacation that refreshes both the body and the soul. Simply by staying at Monty’s a portion of your accommodation rate will be directed toward ongoing community projects!

We have alot of projects going on all the time were your hand, heart and help is needed. No need to be a professional or even know spanish, our experienced staff at the spot will get you set in and help you out.

Keep updated with our ongoing projects by following our blog. If you have any questions at all feel free to contact us here at Monty´s.

Struggles, yoga and hunting students!

MixTape Creative

So this last month have been very special. First of all as I mentioned in English classes, motivation and frustration! we have gone from 2 to 1 teacher this mid-November. This resulted in a change of the schedule since I felt that it would be hard to one class with six different levels and 18 students! So I wrote a letter to each and every parent about the changes and handed it over in person. This was also in order to present myself and get to know the parents of the other group, level 4-6. It was all much appreciated and it was fun to sit down and chat with them for a while.

The new schedule though have not been as appreciated by the students. We had to reduce every class with 30 min so every class is now 90min instead of 2 hours. This does not give a lot of time left to do other stuff such as play football, dress up or kickball. And since I am alone the smaller kids in level 1-3 have to go home after class so that they won´t disturb the level 4-6 during their class. So it has been a struggle with a lot of explaining and threats from the children that they won´t come back, but they always do!

But as luckily as we were the yoga group from YOLO yoga retreats were here for a week and they helped me out loads! Thank you so much girls! They were here playing, interacting, having conversations with the kids during classes and it was really fun for the kids to get to try their new knowledge. But I do think that the best reward was given on the last day that the group was here, they gave us all a yoga class here at the English academy! It was an hour filled with laughter, weird positions, teamwork and funny faces. Thank you YOLO yoga!

Is this the elephant?

Focused and balanced?

A fallen tower!

Teamwork is the key!

Sometimes I wish they could be this calm during class!

It may not sound a lot when I say that we have 18 students, I know that in the schools there are classes of 30 students, and I don´t even have them all at the same time! But this class is voluntarily, they don´t get any grades and they don´t have to come. This is a challenge, why should they come? And at the same time try to keep a professional standard of the classes so that it is not just playing, that they actually learn as well, because that is why their parents send them to English class. More or less every day I go to the students homes to talk to their parents, ask why they didn´t come to class, if they are coming tomorrow and reminding them of the importance and the opportunity that this English academy gives. Since there is no English classes given in primary school here but later on in secondary it is important for them to learn now in order not to fall behind in secondary. But I guess that motivation is something that they struggle with in school as well.

But I keep on giving classes´ everyday even if there are only 3 students one day and I keep hunting them down in order to get them to go to class. And on each and every exam that they do I give kind and encouraging words so that they feel seen and important, because isn´t that something that we all appreciate?

Thank you all for reading! Please comment or ask away if you wonder anything!