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Additionally, any packaged item should be taken out of the SINGLE-USE packaging and put into something that can be REUSED! For example, pencils should be sharpened and brought in a pencil box or bag of some sort. This is to limit the amount of garbage travelers bring into Nicaragua and in turn, add to the problem. Additionally, anything that can be brought/bought second hand is wonderful because we are reusing instead of taxing our already taxed planets' resources. 

-Notebooks/ Paper in Binders 

-Wood Pencils with Eraser & Sharpener (*mechanical pencils often end up as garbage)

-Spanish books 

-Mini White Boards and Dry-Erase markers 


-Sports equipment 

-Magnetic English letters for sentence building

-Cloth/washable/reusable Diapers


-Fabric and sewing materials

-Clothing, Hats, Shoes -Shoes/Sandals 

-Reusable Water Bottles 

-Kids' toys 

-Kids/Adult Daily Vitamins 

-Kids sunscreen 

-Chapstick -Basic first aid kits families can keep in their homes

-Vegetable Seeds for gardens

-Candles & Matches (our housing community doesn't have electricity yet!)