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Monty’s Beach Lodge

We are excited to have you join us at Monty’s Beach Lodge in Jiquilillo, Nicaragua! Here is some information to help you prepare for your visit.

Do I need a passport or visa?

Citizens of Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand and the European Union require a passport valid 6 months (minimum) from the anticipated return date and a Tourist Card valid for 90 days to be obtained upon entering Nicaragua. Cost is US$10 per person payable in cash. If you are a citizen of another country, contact the Nicaraguan Consulate closest to your native country in order to determine requirements.

Do I need any vaccinations?

There are no mandatory vaccinations required to travel to Nicaragua at this time (as of January, 2016). It is highly recommended that travellers visit their health care provider or local travel health clinic to assess individual needs at least 2 months before departure.

What is the weather like in Jiquilillo?

Nicaragua has a tropical climate for most of the country and hot all year around with temperatures ranging from (22C to 34C) on the Pacific Coast where Jiquilillo is located. There is very little rain during the dry season (December to June). In the rainy season (July to November) it often rains for short periods of time and these are usually spectacular, tropical downpours.

What type of clothing should I bring?

Monty’s Beach Lodge has a casual vibe. It’s best to pack lightweight, cottons and/or linens. Must haves: shorts, T-shirts, bathing suit, beach towel, walking/running shoes, flip flops, sandals, and one long-sleeve top.

What MUST I bring?

Passport, credit card, US$ cash, money belt, water bottle, flashlight, prescription and over the counter medication, shampoo and personal items, bug spray, sunscreen, headlamp.

What is the local currency and what payment options do I have?

The currency in Nicaragua is the Cordoba, however, US dollars are accepted in most places, including gas stations. You can get Cordobas when you get to Monty’s and ask Gerry for help here. For expenses at Monty’s Beach Lodge, you will be able to use a credit card upon check out. (Keep in mind that in Nicaragua there is a 6% surcharge for using credit). The rest of the time locally, it is recommended that you bring US dollars in small bills (1, 4, 10, 20). There is NO bank near by and there is no bank machine at Monty’s. Canadian dollars are not accepted.

Is there Internet access?

Though we encourage you to “unplug” during your stay with us, you will have access to WIFI at Monty’s, though it’s not always available. If you would like to use your phone for calls, text or data, you must check with your service provider and be clear about roaming charges. Your service provider may have a travel package for the region for additional purchase.

How do I get from Managua Airport to Monty’s Beach Lodge?

Once you proceed through immigration, luggage claim and customs, you will be met by one of our drivers holding a sign that reads “Monty’s Beach Lodge”. Please be patient. If your flight is delayed, or if you can not locate your driver, please call Gerry at 011 505 8473-3255.  The approximate driving time from the airport to the Lodge is 3 hours. When in Nicaragua the only numbers needed to contact Gerry are 8473-3255.

What are the accommodations like? Located on the Pacific Ocean in the rural village of Jiquilillo, Monty’s Beach Lodge is rustic, comfortable and laid back. There are different types of accommodations available at the Lodge that includes dorms, ocean-front cabanas or poolside cabanas. Some accommodations are with private bath, while others have shared bath. There is no air-conditioning at the Lodge – public areas are open air and all rooms are equipped with a fan and mosquito net.  There are several outlets in each room – same as in North America.

What are the meals like?

There are 3 meals a day served at the lodge. They are fresh and locally sourced with limited options. There are set meal times and the kitchen is closed between meals. If you have dietary restrictions, please make arrangements at the time of reservation – we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Is Nicaragua safe?

According to the United Nations Regional Human Development Report (2013/2014), Nicaragua is the second safest country in Latin America after Chile. Nicaragua is considered safer than Costa Rica. For added security, Monty’s Beach Lodge has overnight security guards on the property.

Can I volunteer at Monty’s?

Yes! We have many volunteer opportunities for our guests to participate in. Volunteer sites include the English Language Centre/Community Centre Jiquilillo, the Soup kitchen in El Limonal for families at the Chinandega Garbage Dump, the Wildlife Conservation - Turtle Hatchery, the Villa Esperanza Housing Development in Jiquilillo, Community Recreation ‒ Field of Hope, Elementary Schools, Medical Clinic and Outreach for Jiquilillo and Surrounding Villages, and the Vocational School for Jiquilillo and Surrounding Villages.

Can I bring donated items?

Keep in mind baggage allowance restrictions by the airlines as you would have to pack donated items in your personal luggage, or pay extra for access baggage. We have urgent needs identified by the community - click here

Can I make a cash donation?

Yes, to contribute to projects in Jiquilillo, you can make a cash/credit card donation through Together Works Society.

Can I surf at Monty’s?

Yes, the waves in front of the lodge are great for beginner and intermediate surfers. Even advanced surfers have a lot of fun here. Waves fluctuate year round and depending on tide, swell and wind. If you would like surf lessons, you can sign up upon your arrival. Boards are available at the camp so there is no need to bring one unless you prefer your own.  Boat trips to the sand break (10-minute boat ride) are an additional cost and can be arranged when you arrive. 

To check the current surf forecast:

Are there sports, adventure and cultural excursions available?

Yes! You can surf, go deep sea fishing, paddle boarding, boat surfing, volcano hikes, sand boarding, horseback riding, kayak the Padre Ramos Wildlife Reserve, explore the area by bicycle, or take a guided tour of a traditional Nicaraguan market.