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READ what OUR GUESTS are saying about Monty's Beach Lodge...

Monty’s Beach Lodge has become our home. Not our home away from home, but our home. We consider everyone there our family. Our family has been there several times and are always in the process of planning a return.
We just arrived home after leading a group of Rotary Interact Youths who were building sustainable housing in Jiquilillo. This project has been given a platform by Gerry and Monty, various groups such as GIVE really putting life into it. This is just one example of the tremendous work being done.
While immersing yourself in a rewarding volunteer experience you quickly realize you are in paradise. The Jiquilillo beach is like none other. The volcanic sands and coconut palms are back dropped by the amazing grounds of Monty’s.
The food does not disappoint. All meals are buffet and guests dine family style co-mingled with each other allowing for new friendships to flourish.
The fishing village is a photographer’s dream with instant post card like photo ops around every corner. Just north of Monty’s is the Padre Ramos Estuary which is easily accessible, Gerry will conduct guided tours of the estuary.
Monty’s immerses you in the culture of rural Nicaragua. There is plenty to do from surfing, paddle boarding, ECO Tours and horse back riding.
The staff is amazing Karen, Carlos, Gabby, Marcela!! All outstanding! Your hosts Monty and the Omnipresent Gerry make everyone feel at home.
We recommend this place to singles, couples and families!!
— Megan
I had a tremendous experience in Nicaragua at Monty’s surf camp. The place is sooo relaxing, people and staff so friendly, food tasty. For me anywhere else, just being able to doze off in the afternoon is near impossible, but not there, I could do it several times. As minor as that sounds, it was huge for me. The sunsets were great and I can never forget beautiful and could not ask for more. Gerry did an outstanding job at keeping us entertained in, and outside of the the camp as well; I will be returning soon, I miss it . What an awesome, friendly place to be !!
— Cole Kitchen
“The “camp” or lodge emerged out of the very simple village of Jiquilillo and to me was a paradise like no other. Palm trees, ocean, beach, but one simple difference, it had something deeper, it was real. I have been to many resorts over the years in some of the most beautiful places in the world. As much as some of those were more beautiful scenically, Monty’s was real, raw and inviting. Beauty is more than just scenery to me, beauty is also the feeling a place gives you when you think about it long after your gone, that’s what Monty’s was like for me.”
— Corey Butler
Monty’s surf camp is a place you will call home by the time you leave and will be talking about coming back to see the family. One can’t help but fall in love with the lifestyle and the people that are there. If you want to find peace – find the balance in your life and spark your energy – then this is the place to be. From boarding down active volcanoes, fishing trips beyond words to being left speechless watching the baby turtles make their way to the water to priceless moments laying in a hammock watching the sunset. If that doesn’t make you want to go – then be embraced by the locals that will touch your heart forever. I can’t think of a better vacation spot – where you can be a part of amazing projects that benefit the locals and their future while at the same time being enjoying beautiful beaches and waves to surf. Can’t wait to return – the staff becomes your family within minutes – I miss you guys.
— Barb Hanes-Spooner
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For anyone craving an experience centered on the power of belief, values, and impact – this is it. You will be comfortable, well fed and entertained – but mostly your soul will be enriched. That’s more than a vacation. That’s life changing.
— Kevin Newman
Monty’s surf camp is one of the most amazing places that I have visited. There is no better feeling than to wake up for a sunrise surf session every morning in paradise. After playing in the waves for a couple of hours a delicious breakfast awaits you in the charming outdoor dining area. The best part of staying in this camp is the interaction you get with the local community. The people of Jiquillio are among some of the friendliest people I have ever encountered in my life. The staff does an absolutely amazing job of making you feel at home. I am looking forward to revisiting my new friends at the camp and living life in the most amazing way possible again!!
— Hana Holland
“A true “get away from it all” experience. If you long for food that warms your soul, people that warm your heart, friendships that last a lifetime and a walk into a less cluttered time, then Monty’s Surf Lodge is it!
Endless surf, sandy beaches and an opportunity to make a difference in the world, are just a few of the experiences that await.
— Guest
My stay at Monty’s Surf Camp was an unforgettable experience. The location is GREAT AND SAFE and I miss THE FRIENDLY STAFF and ALL THE GREAT MEALS. Gerri and Monty are SOLID HOSTS. They are one of my family now. I had so much fun that my son, daughter and spouses are planning to return this Xmas.
I have been fortunate to have traveled the world and have stayed at some of the finest resorts this planet has to offer. While all these vacations have been memorable, nothing can compare to the life awakening I experienced at Monty’s Beach Lodge. This is a property that is far off the tourist circuit and thrives because of it. The food is prepared in a family style format, and was easily one of the days highlights. Perhaps the only downfall with the days dinner would be a slight delay because the local fisherman providing the evenings lobster was a few minutes late. The seafood is that fresh.
Monty’s staff, are in a word, incredible. They pride themselves on providing a memorable experience for all guests. Often they would spend hours with me helping me to improve my Spanish. This would be late into the evening when they should be sleeping to rest for the early morning ahead. Without fail, the staff would go above and beyond with everything they did for the guests. I hesitate to use the term staff, as after spending a few days at the Lodge, they truly seemed more like friends then staff.
The facility is on one of the most picturesque beaches anywhere. The mornings are tranquil with the waves lapping the shore that is basking in the brilliant sunrise. After gazing upon this splendorous sight, my day would begin with a walk along the endless beach, with the only distractions being the occasional donkey pulled cart, or a wave from one of the local children. Next I would often return to the Lodge, grab a surf board and attempt to ride the ever present waves. These are waves so forgiving, I was often able to carve a few turns. After working up an appetite in the surf, breakfast was always ready to be enjoyed and the day was ready to unfold.
The most stressful experience of the entire vacation was deciding how to spend my day. The hammocks swinging in the breeze were a popular option, a game of soccer on the beach with the local children was a possibility, or perhaps a walk through the fishing village of Jiquilillo to see the daily catch. For the days you choose to be more active there are a myriad of options. Horseback riding on the beach is a memorable experience. The fishing excursions with a local guide almost always bring back the dinner for the evening. A paddle or a power boat ride through the magnificent Padre Ramos Estuary is a sight that everyone must experience. A visit to the Carrie Sea Turtle Preserve, and the experiences of actually releasing the turtles into the wild is a memory that will last my lifetime. The market tours led by Gerry, the local guide, are not to be missed. The knowledge he can provide of his hometown and the surrounding area is astounding. And one must not pass up the opportunity to climb an active volcano and ride a toboggan or a “volcanoboard” down. If I was to experience just one of these amazing events on my trip I would be satisfied. In one week I was able to do everything.
The lodge is comprised of basic rooms that are kept immaculately clean by the staff. There is a main dining area where all the food is served, card games are played, socializing takes place with the staff and guest from all over the world and if you time it right perhaps Gerry will set up a disco.
And to myself the best part about Monty’s Beach Lodge is what they are doing for the community. They had the ability to hire previously trained individuals to work at the Lodge. Instead they chose to hire local staff and take the time and spend the money to meticulously train them. This is a huge benefit to the impoverished people of the village. The camp does not just talk about helping the community, they take action.
Monty’s Beach Lodge is responsible for constructing a community medical centre, additions to the local schools, providing clean drinking water to the community, delivering an ambulance to the local hospital, providing 5 firetrucks to the surrounding fire departments, implementing a plastic recycling program and other programs to numerous to list. And this is a Lodge that has only been in operation for a few years.
I say bravo to Monty’s Beach Lodge for everything they do for the community and for providing me with by far the best vacation experience imaginable.
— David Sakaki